Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do you know this object ?

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This object is a bidet. It is an unusual object.
Here, it is not in its place. Have you got
a bidet at home ?


Jilly said...

C'est drole - great photo.

No I don't have a bidet. It used to be that all French homes had a bidet but not so sure that is the case now.

Jilly x

Dsole said...

Oh I didn't know it was an unusual objet! I have one in each bathroom in my house (two), and every house here that I know has one too!
My neighbour is making new baths now and yesterday I found his bidet, his WC and washbasin in the landing... but I thought this scene wasn't appropiate for a photo!
I like your shot anyway!

Joana said...

Yes, I do know this object. In Portugal everybody has a bidé (this is how we write it in portuguese) at home! I think we copied them from you French guys ;)