Sunday, May 27, 2007

Always in the subway !

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Difficult to forget the reflex "Subway".
Hang !


Martel said...

On my Blog, I show to you the “Right Street”, one of the principal streets of Martel. Cavity it is very except right-hand side, it turns in all the directions. Also have in your city, of the streets with a name in contradiction with the street? (Street example of the restaurants without any restaurants).
Good Day
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

GMG said...

Nice shot! I believe he was just holding the kid, like some people do with the Tower of Pisa...
Law Schools look all the same?

les maudites said...

I don't think that law schools look all the same. It always found it inaesthetic. However, it's an architectural work. The architect wanted to give it the shape of a piano. For which obcure reason? I don't know...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit to your post today.

I have some good news:

The three baby robins are on their way to Meet the World. I miss them already. It was quite an emotional experience.
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